Type Of Sports For Body Health To Always Be Healthy Fit

Exercise is one type of activity that is very beneficial for the health of the body. The importance of exercise for the body can be said as a machine that has never been used / moved. Gradually, parts of the machine will be damaged by not being trained to keep moving. It is the same as our body, if less movement, then the body will become problematic and unhealthy.

With exercise, not only the muscles are trained, the circulation and oxygen in the body becomes smoothly so that the body’s metabolism becomes optimal and the body also feel healthy fit every day. In addition,

The benefits of exercise for body health are:

  • Increase endurance
  • Improve brain function
  • Reduce stress
  • Burn fat
  • Overcoming premature aging
  • Exercise is able to maintain health and prevent various diseases
  • Can lower cholesterol

It is recommended that you exercise at least 10 minutes each day to make blood circulation smooth and body healthy. Once you know the benefits of exercise for the health of the body, then what Type of Sports For Healthy Body To Always Healthy Fit it? Check out the following!
Type Of Sports For Body Health To Always Healthy Fit, among others:

Walk every morning

Types of Sports For Body Health To Be Always Healthy The easiest thing to do is walk. Spend your time each morning for a walk or if your school or work distance is close enough, you can walk to reach your school or workplace.


You can spend time in the morning to do this type of sport. This exercise is very good for your muscle mass and also burn calories in your body.

Push Up or sit ups

Types Of Sports For Healthy Body To Always Be Healthy Other fits are push ups and sit ups. This sport is not too much time and you can do on the sidelines of your activities every day. The benefits of this exercise is to burn your body calories and make your body fit and able to build your body muscles.


This sport is also very easy to do every day. If the sports music in the accompaniment is also more fun to do every day. This sport can also be done by everyone at various levels of age from children to the elderly. The benefits are very good for your body’s health and maintain your fitness every day.


Cycling is very easy to do by everyone at all ages. You can do it every morning ahead of your solid activities every day. The benefits are also very good to maintain the condition and health and fitness of your body.

Well, that’s the Type of Sports For Body Health To Always Healthy Fit that you can do every day. You can choose the wrong type of sports above that you like.…

The Good and Right Exercise for Your Body

It can slow down the work of the body as well, even health problems or also that we can see easily. People who rarely move while consuming many foods will experience problems of obesity or other diseases caused by the lack of smooth flow of blood in the body, because too much silence. Including the result of sitting too long, the danger of sitting too long this can cause the body less movement so that the accumulation of fat.

Here is how to exercise well and correctly:

1. Warming up

Each will exercise one thing that is very important to do that is of course is the heater. This heating can be mild movements or muscle stretches that can be done. Because without heating the body can be surprised when directly exercising. Especially for heavy sports, this can be dangerous and the risk of injury can be very high.

Even a healthy body that was felt before it became injured or sick, so do not forget the warm-up session. Unhealthy sports hazards will have an adverse effect such as stiffness, or even sprains. Examples of sports that burn calories such as running, football, basket and badminton.

2. Equipment and Supplies

For equipment, of course, you have to make sure the equipment to be used is for example checking the components if you use heavy equipment or lifting weights. Do not let because this suddenly damaged tool injures you. Then use appropriate equipment such as special gloves for weight to avoid slippery and not loose. Or a foot protector when playing football, or a tooth protector while boxing, so check the equipment and use the appropriate equipment.

3. Do not Sick

Although the sport is done for the health of the sport never exercise when sick, because this can make more weak, so when sick then the best done is to heal and also rest after the body is fit and healthy again it can be done sports.

4. Regular

Whatever it would be good to do regularly. Not by combining or force it at one time, then you should do regular exercise for example 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or for an hour every day, or three times a week.…

What Are the Effects For Health If Frequent Night Sports?

Busy busyness often makes us not have time to exercise in the morning or afternoon, so many who choose to exercise at night. But for those of you who like sports at night should be vigilant. Sport, whenever it is, is healthy, but the effect can be detrimental if done late at night. Why is that?

Why is night sports not good for health?

It has to do with the body’s biological clock. When late at night, the body’s biological clock will remind us of the time to sleep. If you force the sport at night, this “schedule” change can outwit the biological clock to regulate how the body functions. As a result, the body so easily sick and quickly tired. So, what are the health effects of night sports? Check out the explanation below.

1. Reduced endurance

Night sports can make the immune system less, because the body will lose so much energy without any enough rest to rest after a day of activity. Moreover, if the intensity of your sport is quite heavy or that requires a lot of power, such as lifting weights or swimming. A weak immune system makes you susceptible to several diseases, such as flu or fever.

2. Easy to breathe

Night air contains less oxygen than morning or afternoon. Well, exercise when the environmental oxygen levels are minimal make you so easily tired and exhausted.

The reason, exercise activities require a lot of oxygen for breathing and blood flow to the heart to be smooth. Lack of oxygen during exercise can trigger shortness of breath afterwards.

3. Difficulty sleeping

Exercising too close to bedtime makes it hard to sleep. Actually this can be overcome by not pushing the sport too heavy. Make your nighttime fitness practice a relaxing and fun sport.

So, sports at night should not be at all?

Night sports are not actually prohibited. You are advised to keep exercising as usual, but it is recommended to slow the rhythm of the sport from the usual. Exercising at night with speed and power is much slower, will make the body so easy to regulate heart rate, breathing and keep hormone levels remain normal. In addition, do not forget to warm up and cool down after exercise. Heating is very useful for relaxing the muscles, improving blood circulation, and helping you prepare for a deeper sleep afterwards.

But to see the connection between exercise types, fitness after exercise, and everyday sleep patterns, you can keep a journal to compare its effects. Later, the results of the comparison between the sports night and its impact to your body can be used as the right reference to regulate day activities.

The American Council on Exercise recommends to keep track of the results of nighttime sports whose contents are:

  • Do you easily sleep after a late night sport
  • Are you waking up so lethargic afterwards
  • What habits and appetites changed
  • How do you do the next exercise

By collecting and adjusting the data above, you can compare certain effects and effects on your body. If the effect is not good, you can change your sports time in the morning or evening. You can also change and adjust the exercises you use while exercising. If there is no specific effect, you can continue the habit of sports at night with the portion of exercise that fits and keep the food intake so as not to pose another risk later on.…

7 Foods Required In Your Diet Menu

Food should not only able to make weight loss, but also can make your body stay healthy. For diabetics, the right diet is also important to keep blood sugar stable. Curious what kinds of foods to diet should you consume? Consider the following explanation.

Various foods for a healthy diet

1. Apple

Many people rely on apples as food for diet. This red or green fruit does have a good nutrient content and can help your business in reducing weight scales. In one small apple or about 85 grams, contained only 50 calories with 12 grams of carbohydrates.

While the fiber contained in it is a powerful water-soluble fiber that makes you last longer hungry. So, you can make the apple as a distraction on the sidelines of eating time, in order to prevent you from eating excessive amounts of food. Apples also have a low glycemic index level that is safe for those who have diabetes, but want to control weight.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli can you count on as one of the foods for the diet. Because these foods have low calories, but rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. One glass full of broccoli contains 30 calories. Meanwhile, broccoli contains vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A high. For fiber content, broccoli has a fiber of 5 grams that can help you full day.

Meanwhile, in people with diabetes, this type of vegetables can help control blood sugar levels. So, eating broccoli as much as possible will not make your blood sugar rise.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal can be said to be a daily diet in your diet. The article, consuming oatmeal has been shown to help you lose weight. A study from the University of California conducted over the past 6 years has proven it.

In this study, it is known that people who always breakfast with oatmeal, have a lower body mass index than people who do not breakfast at all and groups of people who breakfast with other menus.

Oatmeal includes staple foods that contain high fiber and low glycemic index values. So, you can rely on it as a substitute for rice or noodles, and make blood sugar levels and well controlled weight.

4. Egg white

Egg white is a high-protein but low-fat dish, making it a good fit for your diet. Yes, in 100 grams of egg whites alone there is a protein of 10.9 grams. Meanwhile, for the fat is only about 0.17 grams. Because of low fat, you do not have to worry about this food will add to the pile of fat in the body.

Plus, the diet for this diet does not have a glycemic index value, because it does not contain carbohydrates, so diabetics can safely consume egg whites. But, still you should consume it in sufficient quantities and as needed ya.

5. Fish

If you want to lose weight, try to eat more fish. Fish tend to contain good fats that can help you lose weight. Unlike meat, fish have a type of omega-3 fats are good for brain health. Typically, these fats exist in deep sea fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel.

In addition, a study conducted in Sweden revealed that people who eat dinner is fish, tend to have an intake 11% lower than people who eat meat. Eating a sufficient and not excessive intake is also a way for diabetics to manage the disease.

6. Soup

Not only warm in the stomach, soup can also make you full longer. In fact, this has been demonstrated in a study reported in the journal Obesity of Research. In this study, it is known if eating about 300 ml of soup broth in two times a day, can make weight more easily down.

Soup is better used as food for the diet if added various types of vegetables in it. Of course, the food is so very suitable for consumption when you are on a strict diet and certainly does not make diabetes uncontrollable.

7. Low calorie snack

No need to leave the habit for snacking. Even if you have diabetes and are on a diet, you are not actually prohibited to eat a snack. But, snacks that you consume it should be low in calories and not containing sugar. Nowadays there have been many more fiber snacks.…

Baby Food 6 Months: What Can and Can not Be

Although ready for solid food, but 6-month-old baby food is certainly different from diet for adults. Self-administering baby foods can be the best way to provide healthy and fresh nutrition and monitor the possibility of allergies.

At 6 months of age, the baby’s body can support her own head and begin to be attracted to the foods consumed by the older adults. This is the time recommended to provide breastfeeding food to the baby.

Unfortunately, the 6-month-old baby food product which is sold in many stores in the supermarket generally does not contain much nutrition and vitamins because it has gone through too long processing. Therefore, it is advisable to treat baby food for 6 months so that the baby gets the best nutrients and vitamins.

6-month-old baby food can consist of:

  • Cereals, preferably choose gluten-free.
  • Smoked fruit and vegetables, such as avocados, bananas, pears, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, apples, strawberries, carrots, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers.
  • Porridge is made especially for baby or smoked meat, such as chicken or cow.
  • Porridge knows.
  • Pulp nuts: edamame, red beans, green beans.

All of the above ingredients are then mixed with milk or formula milk to be given to the baby.

At first, 6-month-old babies can only eat about one teaspoon of teaspoons and one teaspoon of fruit in one meal. But over time this portion will increase over time. After fruits and vegetables, 6-month-old baby foods can be varied with other food groups, such as pasta, rice, bread, eggs, or fish.

6 Months Baby Food Guide

Since it’s first time trying to eat solid food, then you need to pay close attention to whether the Younger is allergic to certain foods. To facilitate the observation, wait up to three days before switching to introduce other types of food. Three days is a generally needed time to look at allergic reactions, especially when there is a family member with an allergic history.

Eggs, soybeans, fish, cow’s milk, shellfish and wheat are some examples of allergic fuel triggers. Beware also foodstuffs that can produce gas in the stomach, such as beans, dairy products, wheat, onions. These food ingredients may make the baby uncomfortable.

Also avoid giving honey to infants less than a year to reduce the risk of botulism. While products made from cow’s milk, such as cheese, are generally safe for babies. But postpone first give cow’s milk to children over the age of one year.

As a first step, you can use one kind of ingredients to make porridge. Here are some try able porridge.

Bananas porridge

Banana is a fruit rich in fiber and potassium that is safe for the baby’s stomach. But do not give bananas too often for risk of constipation.

How to make: banana flour with a fork, then add milk or formula milk to dilute it.

Red rice porridge

As a staple food that does not cause allergies, the easy-to-digest red rice is the right choice. You can blender red rice until smooth. Then add water and cook over medium heat until boiling. After boiling, reduce the heat, and cook for about 20 minutes. You can add water to porridge consistency according to what you expect.

Avocados porridge

Avocados contain good fats that are beneficial to the physical and the baby’s brain development. Cut in avocados with a fork, then add milk or formula milk. The remaining unused avocados can be stored in containers and stored in the refrigerator.

If your child does not like some food, it does not mean that he will not like it anymore. Wait a few days later to serve the same food. Baby’s taste can vary over time.

Introducing a wide range of foods and tastes can make babies fond of various foods and gain many nutritional benefits.…

Good exercise for Pregnant Mom

Exercise for pregnant women is important, both during pregnancy and also when pregnant old. Pregnant young exercise can be useful to reduce the morning sickness experienced, while sports are done during the old pregnancy can be used to launch labor.

When pregnant, organs in the body can work twice because the body will support pregnancy. During pregnancy many pregnant women who will easily experience pregnancy disorders fatigue, easy to get sick, easy back pain, dizziness, headaches and many more. To minimize it pregnant women are advised to do sports but not excessive sports. Sports for pregnant women with non-pregnant women is different. When pregnant, exercise is a mild exercise while heavy exercise can be done by women who are not pregnant.

Sports for Pregnant Women according to Gynecology

Pregnant women should know what exercise can be done during pregnancy. Routine in doing sports can make pregnant women become energized and also nourish the fetus in the womb. Here is a sport that can be done by pregnant women from the first month of pregnancy until the ninth month of pregnancy:

– First Month (1 month pregnant)

Many midwives who advise to do pregnancy exercises when the womb entered the age of six months, but there is nothing wrong if pregnant women do pregnancy exercise during pregnancy age of 1 month. Exercise that can be done when entering the development of fetus 1 month is pregnancy exercise with light sport. Which must be considered during pregnancy exercise is as follows:

Gymnastic pregnancy performed during one month’s pregnancy focuses on the regulation and breathing exercises. Pregnant women need 20 percent more oxygen than before pregnancy.
Oxygen is not only needed for the mother, but it is also needed by the fetus.
For the oxygen fetus can be used to develop fetal brain and nerve.
How to train breathing during pregnancy one month is to take a breath from the nose, hold the breath in a few seconds then breath is released slowly.
The duration that can be done during pregnancy exercise is 30 minutes to 60 minutes duration. This sport can be done as much as 3 or 5 times a week.

– second month (2 months pregnant)

When pregnant two months, morning sickness in the body of pregnant women began to decrease. Because it is reduced pregnant women can walk around in the morning while doing breathing exercises such as during the process of pregnancy 1 month. Pregnant women can take a leisurely stroll in the morning with a duration of 30 minutes duration. Yoga can be done by pregnant women during fetal development 2 months, because when pregnant age 2 months pregnant women require relaxation to calm her mind.

– Third month (3 months pregnant)

When pregnant 3 months, morning sickness will be lost. Even so, 3 months of pregnancy is still a young pregnancy, so it is still not allowed to do sports that heavy-weight because of prone to miscarriage. Pregnant women with fetal developmental age of 3 months can do sports such as walking and doing gymnastics training. Pregnant women can also do swimming with a duration of 30 minutes, not too long in the water because it can make pregnant women feel the cold.

– Fourth month (4 months pregnant)

At the age of development of the fetus 4 months, pregnant women regain their appetite because the morning sickness has completely disappeared. Exercise for pregnant women done at the age of four months can make women more energetic and can sleep better. If during the first trimester pregnant women difficult to get a good sleep position while pregnant, but by the age of 4 months pregnant women are able to sleep soundly. Exercise that can be used 4 months pregnant mother to stay energized is jogging, walking and also swimming.

Pregnant women can do a small run but with a slow pace. By the fourth month, the uterus in the mother’s abdomen is getting bigger, so there is a shift in the center of gravity in the stomach. Pregnant women with 4 months of age will find it difficult to maintain balance so that a flat jogging location is needed for a 4 months pregnant mother.

– The fifth month (5 months pregnant)

Similar to 4 months of pregnancy, pregnancy exercise should be done to maintain health and also make pregnant women remain energetic every day. The mother’s uterus will become larger so that pregnant women will have difficulty balancing their body. Sports that can be done when entering the fetal development of 5 months is weight training. This weight training can be done to avoid dizziness and also injury in the belly of pregnant women. This weight training can be done when sitting position.

In addition, pregnant women can do yoga as well as relaxation. Yoga