5 Wall Colors to Steer Clear of in Your Interior Designs

When you update your interior designs, there are a few colors that you should steer clear of. Either too dark, too light, or too disco-esque, the following colors are less-than pleasant in your home décor.

Solid Black

This color is devoid of lighter tones, so it sucks light in to make a room darker. Plus, black heats up really quickly, which is hellacious in the summertime. Unless you plan to blot out your windows and sleep in a very small cave-like room, avoid the solid black. It can be used for stripes or accents around a room, but the bold nothingness of this one block of color is overwhelming and unpleasant.

Stark White

Blinded by the light, indeed. Stark white is as bad as solid black, but on the other extreme of the spectrum. When you have too much light in a room, it can be hard for your eyes to completely adjust, which results in blurry, unfocused vision. Subject your eyes to this color too many times, and you could permanently damage your eyesight. Again, a great color for a few accents in random places, but not good for your walls.

Boring Beige

There is nothing color-wise wrong with beige, but it’s so…blah. You want colors to make you feel happy, relaxed, soothed, and calm. And beige is simply devoid of emotive qualities, except for boredom. There are few cases where beige should be used in wall paints, and most of those cases include a contrasting accent color to go with it. Steer clear of a color that makes you feel nothing at all.

Bright Yellow (Sometimes)

Bright yellow can be a glaring problem in big blankets of paint. But, in some cases, it can be the mellow to a darker tone on your walls. If you go with bright yellow, make sure it’s not blinding to your eyes. You should also pair it with a darker hue, like navy blue, forest green, or rich crimson.

Metallic Silver

Your home is not a disco or a rave, so no need for the party colors of the Y2K generation. Metallic silver is another glaring color that can reflect light back at you. This can not only damage your eyes, but it can give you severe headaches if your vision is exposed to it in large portions.

Colors matter in your home décor, especially on your walls. Use this guide whenever you need to discern which colors to stay away from when you upgrade your interior designs. Just for future reference, if you ever need advice on interior design, post your askance in a board for job leads for contractors. You should get a call or two within a day.