Areas in the home that are unexpectedly dirty


Frequent day-to-day activities keep you from cleaning up important parts of the house. With limited time, you usually only clean up the visible part only. When in fact every day there are some parts that require cleaning every day. Do not worry, this daily cleaning will not take much time. Precisely if done with focus, there are some additional benefits that you can, one of them reduce stress.

Kitchen sink

You may often hear the importance of keeping the sink in your kitchen clean. Not only serves as a dishwasher and hand, sink is the earliest part reflects the cleanliness of your kitchen. For that do not be lazy to do the cleaning every day, at least remove the former foam and dirt the remaining washing dishes.

Sink and glass bathroom

Every day the bathroom sink and glass greet you when about to shower and brush your teeth. Scattered foam and toothpaste will leave a trace that is difficult to lose if not immediately cleaned. Do not let your morning be unpleasant.

Kitchen table

This can be a habit that positively impacts your overall kitchen look. Finished cooking, spices and oil splashes often dirty the kitchen table and can make the kitchen becomes damp and dirty.

Sweep the kitchen floor

You may wonder why many routine cleaning tasks are done in the kitchen area? The reason is because our kitchen becomes the place that causes the most new dirt every day. And if the dirt has piled up, your kitchen can be a hotbed of insects like cockroaches and rats. For that, make it a habit to keep the kitchen clean, one of them by sweeping (or plus by mopping) the kitchen floor every day as often as possible.

Shower curtain

Shower curtains can be a hotbed of billions of microbes and fungi that tend to multiply in moist environments. To clean, wash the curtains with half a cup of detergent, half a cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar to the first rinse to remove bacteria, mold and stains.

Shoe rack

Shoe odor is always a problem and common in households, especially children. To get rid of the odor, put the tea bag into the smelly shoes and leave for an hour. Tea bags will absorb odors.

Tidy up the bed

This light duty is generally missed for you to do. Though tidying up the bed will make the room look clean instantly. You will feel comfortable sleeping in returning from a day’s work.

Night lamp

Maybe you do not think it is important, but the lights are often dusty bed that interfere with your breathing while sleeping. For that, do a mild cleansing like wiping with a tissue to keep your sleeping lights still look clean and beautiful?

Cleaning pet supplies

If you have pets such as dogs, cats, or hamsters, cleaning the litter box is a must-do agenda every day. Not only makes the home air to be fresh, but keep the naughty insects like flies to perch in the house.

But if there is no free time to clean the house and furniture in it, you can hire professional maid service that can be called to come home. If you interested you can read cleaning maid service.