Good exercise for Pregnant Mom

Exercise for pregnant women is important, both during pregnancy and also when pregnant old. Pregnant young exercise can be useful to reduce the morning sickness experienced, while sports are done during the old pregnancy can be used to launch labor.

When pregnant, organs in the body can work twice because the body will support pregnancy. During pregnancy many pregnant women who will easily experience pregnancy disorders fatigue, easy to get sick, easy back pain, dizziness, headaches and many more. To minimize it pregnant women are advised to do sports but not excessive sports. Sports for pregnant women with non-pregnant women is different. When pregnant, exercise is a mild exercise while heavy exercise can be done by women who are not pregnant.

Sports for Pregnant Women according to Gynecology

Pregnant women should know what exercise can be done during pregnancy. Routine in doing sports can make pregnant women become energized and also nourish the fetus in the womb. Here is a sport that can be done by pregnant women from the first month of pregnancy until the ninth month of pregnancy:

– First Month (1 month pregnant)

Many midwives who advise to do pregnancy exercises when the womb entered the age of six months, but there is nothing wrong if pregnant women do pregnancy exercise during pregnancy age of 1 month. Exercise that can be done when entering the development of fetus 1 month is pregnancy exercise with light sport. Which must be considered during pregnancy exercise is as follows:

Gymnastic pregnancy performed during one month’s pregnancy focuses on the regulation and breathing exercises. Pregnant women need 20 percent more oxygen than before pregnancy.
Oxygen is not only needed for the mother, but it is also needed by the fetus.
For the oxygen fetus can be used to develop fetal brain and nerve.
How to train breathing during pregnancy one month is to take a breath from the nose, hold the breath in a few seconds then breath is released slowly.
The duration that can be done during pregnancy exercise is 30 minutes to 60 minutes duration. This sport can be done as much as 3 or 5 times a week.

– second month (2 months pregnant)

When pregnant two months, morning sickness in the body of pregnant women began to decrease. Because it is reduced pregnant women can walk around in the morning while doing breathing exercises such as during the process of pregnancy 1 month. Pregnant women can take a leisurely stroll in the morning with a duration of 30 minutes duration. Yoga can be done by pregnant women during fetal development 2 months, because when pregnant age 2 months pregnant women require relaxation to calm her mind.

– Third month (3 months pregnant)

When pregnant 3 months, morning sickness will be lost. Even so, 3 months of pregnancy is still a young pregnancy, so it is still not allowed to do sports that heavy-weight because of prone to miscarriage. Pregnant women with fetal developmental age of 3 months can do sports such as walking and doing gymnastics training. Pregnant women can also do swimming with a duration of 30 minutes, not too long in the water because it can make pregnant women feel the cold.

– Fourth month (4 months pregnant)

At the age of development of the fetus 4 months, pregnant women regain their appetite because the morning sickness has completely disappeared. Exercise for pregnant women done at the age of four months can make women more energetic and can sleep better. If during the first trimester pregnant women difficult to get a good sleep position while pregnant, but by the age of 4 months pregnant women are able to sleep soundly. Exercise that can be used 4 months pregnant mother to stay energized is jogging, walking and also swimming.

Pregnant women can do a small run but with a slow pace. By the fourth month, the uterus in the mother’s abdomen is getting bigger, so there is a shift in the center of gravity in the stomach. Pregnant women with 4 months of age will find it difficult to maintain balance so that a flat jogging location is needed for a 4 months pregnant mother.

– The fifth month (5 months pregnant)

Similar to 4 months of pregnancy, pregnancy exercise should be done to maintain health and also make pregnant women remain energetic every day. The mother’s uterus will become larger so that pregnant women will have difficulty balancing their body. Sports that can be done when entering the fetal development of 5 months is weight training. This weight training can be done to avoid dizziness and also injury in the belly of pregnant women. This weight training can be done when sitting position.

In addition, pregnant women can do yoga as well as relaxation. Yoga and relaxation is useful to balance the changes that exist in the body of pregnant women. The greater the person’s age, the greater the changes that will be experienced by pregnant women so that pregnant women need to balance and adjust themselves to the condition of the body.