HALLOWEEN is most synonymous with something creepy, horror, gripping, costume party and other spooky stuff. For coffee lovers, Halloween should not be far from the ‘celebration in the cup’. If all this time we just enjoy brewing coffee with manual brew or black coffee, why on this Halloween Day coffee that we enjoy also follow a little ‘creepy’ counters share togetherness with friends and loved ones. Halloween is not just about the frenzied costume party out there. But it can also be done at home.

Ghostly Irish Coffee

Irish coffee lovers will surely love this one recipe. How to make it too is very easy. Prepare your favorite coffee blend. Choose a blend that gives a slightly stronger and chocolaty feel. Also prepare marshmallows for decoration and also food puncture. Also provide Irish whiskey and brown sugar. How to make letakka marshmallow that has been put together with a stick of food sticks. Add an eye and mouth accent like an artificial ghost. Then place it in the cup. Then mix all the ingredients and order regularly Sprinkle chocolate powder on top. Enjoy your Ghostly Irish Coffee when Halloween arrives.

Red Bloody Velvet Latte

Just like the usual red velvet latte, but this red velvet latte is given more red color and is presented on Halloween Day is exciting and gripping. How to make it no less easy. Mix chocolate powder with milk and then stir until thickened. Then put the mixture into the oven with vanilla powder. After the heat remove from the oven and stir until evenly distributed. After flattening, give droplets of food red dye. Then enter the coffee you just brewed (the choice of coffee according to taste). Stir gently and add whipped cream if you like. Red Bloody Velvet Latte is ready to accompany your Halloween Day.

Bloody Caramel Macchiato

If all this time your favorite macromato caramel is served in milk chocolate, then all that soft color turns horribly red in the form of Bloody Caramel Macchiato. How to make it easy. Just prepare your favorite black coffee. Then mix with vanilla syrup. After mixed evenly added liquid milk. Once everything is perfectly blended add caramel syrup. And finally add a red food coloring to give a touch of red Halloween bloodbath. Bloody Caramel Macchiato is ready to haunt your Halloween Day.…


If many people consider the bulletproof coffee or coffee trend with butter something strange? Wait until they hear ‘enjoy a cup of coffee with cheese’.

IF the trend of enjoying coffee with cheese is now back booming in the market, then we have to look slightly backward. Drinking a cup of coffee by inserting a piece of cheese into the coffee has been there many years ago. This coffee has been adopted as a tradition of Swiss, Brazilian and Finnish communities. Drinking coffee with cheese is not a new item even though the trend is revealing again. Then whether coffee and cheese is able to match the delicious taste of black coffee or coffee with sugar that had been there before? The answer must be a matter of taste.

At first glance we may not be able to imagine how the taste of coffee mixed with salty cheese. But according to Fabio Ferreira, founder of Notes Coffee Roasters it really can not be underestimated just like that. Fabio says that coffee and cheese is precisely a matching pair that gives rise to a unique sensation of favors. “Coffee is basically fruits. Coffee is a fruit whose seeds are roasted to remove various flavors. While cheese, cheese is a food that is usually often paired with fruit. For example in fruity cake. Then why not fit to enjoy with coffee ?, “he said at length.

For those of you who want to try to enjoy drinking coffee with cheese, you should enjoy it at breakfast. Because the effects of cheese will and caffeine he says provide the energy needed to start the day. Fabio Ferreira added not all matching coffee paired with any cheese. There are interesting tips for coffee and cheese can be enjoyed with total enjoyment. Suppose you have single origin with cupping notes that tend to fruity. Then the suitable cheese mixed on the coffee is creamy and young cheese. Bright flavor in coffee will give freshness to the taste of cheese. Whereas if you want to brew single origin with cupping notes chocolaty, earthy and cocoa, then the cheese that fits used is a milky character. So it looks like it almost resembles a delicious hot chocolate flavor.

Well, already know if coffee now can be enjoyed with a piece of cheese and it is not something strange and can not be enjoyed. Where do I know if you get bored with these types of coffee drinks-that alone can be a bit experimenting with drinking coffee with cheese like people in Switzerland, Finland and Brazil there. Good luck yes.…


Tired of enjoying coffee that has been a loyal friend? Try the occasional peek of fresh recipes from the cold-brewed cascara to refresh your very afternoon.

I am an acute cascara (tea cherry coffee) fan. During this time I just enjoyed a hot brewed cascara instead of tea and coffee. I think cascara has a unique taste, refreshing and varied according to the type of coffee. Cascara is now one of the alternative beverages that coffee enthusiasts begin to choose from. Also its presence helps farmers to reduce waste of processing coffee.

And for those of you who have been just brewing cascara with water alone, let’s take a look at Cascara Tropical Punch recipe that certainly gives you unlimited fresh sensation. Plus, this recipe is easy to make and practical to enjoy with dear ones.


  • Enough water.
  • Cascara. We use cascara from Ninety Plus Coffee. But you can use any cascara.
  • Lychee canned.
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Hario Tea Dripper
  • The ice cube
  • Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle
  • Honey

How to make:

  • Prepare a cascara to taste then put in Hario Tea Dripper.
  • Heat water up to 85’C.
  • Pour hot water into a container that already contains cascara.
  • Wait approximately 4-5 minutes. And let the water temperature drop slightly.
  • Slices of lemon and strawberries.
  • Add lemon slices, strawberries and canned lychees.
  • Then put honey to taste.
  • Prepare cups and ice cubes and pour the cascara, lychee, lemon and strawberry mixture.
  • Cascara Tropical Punch is ready to refresh your days.


These are the Different Measures of Coffee Presentation

How to serve coffee is very diverse. Everyone has their own preferences according to lifestyle and taste. With so many variants of coffee presentation, have you ever felt confused when looking at the names of drinks served in a cafe? Here are some of the most popular coffee presentation variants in the world that you should know.

1. Espresso & Long Black

Espresso is one of the most popular coffee variants in the world. Espresso is coffee extracted using a machine. Simply, the way the machine works is to put pressure on the ground coffee with hot water. The pressure given to the coffee is about 9 bar (remember this unit, dong?). Through espresso coffee, every true coffee lover can enjoy the original flavor of the coffee beans. The reason, espresso coffee is made without any additions, such as sugar and milk. If the espresso is too intense for you, mix it with hot water. Espresso with extra hot water is commonly referred to as long black.

2. Latte

Latte is one of the common coffee drink preferred by all circles. The composition of latte is espresso which is then mixed with milk that has been heated with steam, thus forming froth above it. Many people assume that the taste of coffee is reduced by the presence of milk. In fact, Coffee interaction with milk will create a distinctive flavor. Ever drink a latte that tastes like a banana compote? One of us ever! With a sense of comfort created when drinking a latte, coffee is a favorite choice to relax in the afternoon with colleagues.

3. Cappuccino

One characteristic of the cappuccino lies in the thick froth that covers the surface of the coffee. Comparison of the composition of cappuccino composers is one third of espresso coffee, one third of hot milk, and one third froth. Basically, cappuccino is a milk coffee like the latte described above. The difference, because it has a composition of milk is less than the latte, the taste of the coffee becomes stronger. Sometimes cappuccinos are served with cocoa powder on top, although these are just additives, not the main characteristics.

4. Flat White

Well, Flat White is also a coffee milk variant that is quite popular, especially in Australia and New Zealand, because that’s where this variant triggered. With very little foam composition, this variant is the most milky milk coffee than any other. If you want to vacation in Australia at the end of this year, do not forget to order a flat white in the coffee shops there yes!

5. Mocha

The uniqueness of mocha is a blend of chocolate mixed with espresso with milk. The Europeans used to call it mochaccino. The name of this coffee variant actually comes from the name of one of the regions in Yemen, namely Mocha. Well, Mocha has an important role in the history of coffee trade.

6. Piccolo Latte

Piccolo Latte is a variant that has the least milk composition. Unlike other variants, piccolo is served in small glasses, like presenting espresso. When drinking piccolo, you can feel the intensity of the flavor of coffee wrapped with a touch of soft milk flavor. If you want a relaxed mood derived from milk-based drinks but want more coffee-flavor intensity, this might be the right drink for you!

Different flavors of coffee can be an alternative of your choice in the following days. Then, is there a variant of your favorite coffee presentation?…


Perhaps it was this coffee-brewing method that made the Turks create the famous term, “Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.”

Turkish coffee-style method is one of the oldest techniques in the history of brewing coffee. Before manual tools were created, Turkey had already made coffee in a special way since the fifteenth century, using a certain pot known as cezve (pronounced “jezz-va”).

Turkey itself includes the ranks of the first countries that know coffee as Coffea snake plants are found in Ethiopia. There are several versions that mention how coffee goes to Turkey, but the most common is the Ottoman version of Yemen. It is said that in 1557, an Ottoman governor named Ozdemir Pasha knew there was a new drink in his region made of coffee beans. After trying, he introduced it to King Solomon-this drink then made the King impressed so that coffee was ratified as the official beverage of the kingdom. After that is history: coffee soon spread all over Turkey, then into Indonesia, and then to the plains of Europe.

In 1554, the first coffee shop Kaveh kanes opened in Istanbul. At that time they even hired specialists of coffee makers known as kahveci usta. At this time also coffee is considered as the most valuable commodity in Turkey. Some records state that the law of the day even gave women the right to divorce their husbands if the husbands could not supply their daily coffee needs.

How to Make Turkish Coffee

There are many ways and versions make Turkish Coffee, but this time I chose ‘recipe’ owned by Cemil, a Turkish Coffee senior master who has been blending traditional Turkish coffee for more than 53 years. Cemil is the owner of Mandabatmaz tavern which is a fairly famous traditional coffee shop in Istanbul.

Tools needed:

∙ Cezve (Turkish pot)
∙ Water
∙ Coffee powder
∙ Sugar
∙ Stove
∙ Heater / gas burner
∙ Wood stirrer

How to use:

Rinse cezve with warm water to clean residual residue beforehand.
Insert 5 tablespoons finely ground ground coffee powder, with an equivalent level of smoothness or even more than espresso.
Enter 3 tablespoons of sugar (or depending on how sweet the coffee is desired).
Add hot water at temperatures around 75 ° C – 80 ° C to blend coffee and sugar powder, just fill up to half a pot.
Mix coffee, sugar and water evenly before heating on top
Add hot water to fill almost all pots.
Heat the coffee on top But it’s important to keep the coffee from boiling. The key to Turkish coffee is when it has formed a fairly thick foam above its surface (which is common at 70 ° C), so never heat up the Turkish coffee until it boils.
Prepare the cup by heating it first before pouring the coffee.
Remove the cezve from the heater when the bubbles (coffee sign will soon boil) begin to appear on the surface.
Pour the coffee into ready-made cups. Serve.…


Ever observed the variety of ways humans enjoy coffee? If I recently enjoyed the human variety with its latte café.

AS café latte connoisseurs with double shots espresso or double ristretto, I love to observe fellow café latte lovers. Sometimes we discuss and exchange the reasons why this coffee can be enjoyed differently. Although honestly I prefer black coffee brewed manually, for me café latte has its own place and story in the heart. Therefore, I am willing to observe the audience. Based on that observation, here are 5 types of café latte drinkers that I know.

Connoisseur of Beauty

If I am clear including café latte lovers who drink without destroying the latte art that is present on the surface. Make this type of lovers keep the latte art until the last drop is an essence. Although not all latte art can survive until the coffee runs out, but if the espresso and milk perfectly melt impeccably in the hands of the barista, we can be sure latte art will hang to the bottom of the cup. Usually this type of café latte lovers will drink coffee from the edge of the cup slowly so it will not disturb the stability of the latte art on it. Drinking was only from one point only the edge of the cup. What a caution that deserves to be appreciated.

Latte Art Freak!

Well, if this latte café lovers this one they do not really care about the taste of coffee. But will be disappointed if you see a latte café that comes without a perfect latte art. The beauty of the latte art is number one. Because for them coffee is not only enjoyed the tongue, but also the eyes and of course must be immortalized with the camera to support social media activities. So a fancy, complicated, 3D and other such lattes art is an essential necessity!


Blessed are the baristas who serve a café latte with an exquisite latte art. But unfortunately a thousand dear, the latte café lovers of this class seems not too concerned with the business and expertise of baristas in the affairs of latte art. Make them café latte is a drink. And the drink should be drunk as soon as possible. And to increasingly feel the pleasure of café latte should drink is stirred and mixed perfectly to the taste of coffee and milk merged into one. To hell with all the beauty, let’s sip your café latte with pleasure.

Foam Lovers!

The foam lovers on the surface of this café latte there are so many around there. They seem cool to the café latte without latte art as long as there is attractive milk foam on the surface. When the latte café arrives at the table, they will immediately pick up the spoon and take the milk foam and enjoy it just like a snack. Then sipped his coffee shortly after the milk foam ran out. Really a unique cocktail latte drinker.

The Sweet Connoisseur

Have a guess what kind of drinkers on this point. These are the people who will never miss the sugar on their latte café. Nothing wrongs either because coffee is a matter of tongue and taste. So café latte that arrived at the table directly mixed with sugar and stirred with arrogant. Sometimes not to mention the café latte was tasted a bit, hands are already swiftly reached for sugar and sprinkle it there. Ah that’s coffee, different ways to enjoy it but still one.

If you’re the type of cafe latte drinker?…


Coffee is a drink of all nations. Even so, coffee lovers are divided again from several types of different kinds of these colors.

Coffee is personal, so everyone has their own way of enjoying it. Somebody likes how to manually brew, some like the auto brew. Some people like coffee with sugar, some also like coffee with milk. Whatever the coffee and how to enjoy it, everyone remains united in one word: coffee. Based on this distinction we will describe 8 types of coffee drinkers based on our personal observations.

Here are the types.

Caffeine Addicts

This one coffee drinker does not care about the taste of coffee he’s holding. Make them coffee to make the spirit and eliminate drowsiness. All they need from a cup of coffee is the effect of their caffeine, not the others. Caffeine addicts consider coffee as a functional beverage. Good coffee is high caffeinated. That’s it.

The Social Drinker

The social drinkers often say “let’s go coffee” without actually drinking coffee when they arrive at the coffee shop. For them coffee is a fitting drink to socialize with colleagues and friends. Not merely ordering coffee at the time of “coffee”, the social drinker is usually cool if only to join the true coffee lovers in any coffee shop. They also usually know less about the coffee yet. Its okay, because they make coffee is not always about drinking coffee.

Hunter Latte Art

Make them “good coffee is coffee with the most fancy latte art”. Coffee without latte art is coffee that does not make them happy. Whatever the story, when sitting in a coffee shop, this type of coffee drinkers will order café latte or cappuccino along with the beauty of art on the surface of the cup. They will try to keep the latte art undamaged (if possible) until the last drop by drinking it slowly. Oh yes, they also do not forget to capture the ‘artwork’ of these baristas to social media.

Frappuccino Fanatics

For the coffee drinkers of this type they actually involve only a few elements of coffee in the drink ordered. They are happy humans who like to hang out in coffee shops and drink milkshakes (or iced coffee blends) for a happy damper. Never talk about black coffee and coffee culture with them. Their goal was only one: drinking sweet, cold coffee while enjoying the exciting atmosphere of the coffee shop.

Instant Coffee Maker

They do not care about manual brew or coffee benefits for the body. For them the best coffee is good coffee, easy to serve and the price is friendly for the pockets. The more easily made, the more delicious the coffee. They do not like to wait for a cup of coffee. Also do not like to linger in the coffee shop. Their principle if you can enjoy coffee fast, delicious, cheap why bother?

The Coffee Snob

They know exactly what coffee they want. They often do not want to visit the popular coffee shop. They prefer to come to an independent coffee shop or local artisan coffee shops. Drinking instant coffee for them is a sin. Also mixing sugar into the coffee is a big no-no. They only drank the best Arabica coffee beans from an exotic single origin. Oh yes, espresso without cream is not espresso for them.

Traditional Coffee Lovers

No matter the culture coffee develops in such a crazy way, for a traditional coffee drinker brewed with boiling hot water and poured on top of the coffee powder is the best. Yes, the wispy, simple, tasty coffee that has been enjoyed for generations cannot be replaced by the sheen of modern coffee shops that offer comfort. Make them coffee that is enjoyed in the stalls or brewed mother at home is the most delicious.

Manual Brew Big Fan

The most delicious coffee is coffee that has been happy even when it has not reached the gulp. This one coffee drinker enjoys the process of brewing coffee manually which cannot be done instantly. Drinking coffee for them is a ritual, not a thirst release. They enjoy every step of the process of brewing coffee. Starting from weighing the seeds, grinding the seeds, putting them on the scales and everything needs accuracy and insanity that cannot go wrong. Manual brew big fans do not accept any entry into the coffee because they find themselves unique records of the coffee they brewed.

Here are eight types of coffee drinkers we think. Which do you think are you? Oh yes, if you find the type of coffee drinker other than the one mentioned above please give his comment yes.…

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